Dupont Nutrition and Fitness offers a multitude of services.  Trying to lose weight for an  all around better lifestyle? Want to bulk up and gain lean muscle mass? Trying to strengthen your main compound lifts? All of these things can be achieved with Dupont Nutrition and Fitness with proper nutrition and fitness.

Every training and nutritional program is completely customized to you and your specified goals! The pricing is determined by the frequency and longevity of your program and goals. We will discuss your goals and from there determine a program that best fits your needs and goals. Training sessions can  occur online and or 1 on 1 in person, depending on the clients specific needs. 


To see the best results a minimum program of a 4 week commitment is suggested. I’ll take all of the guess work out of the equation for you. I will give you the blueprint to succeed.

Train, Build, Maintain.